Welcome to Northwest Dry Eye Center

Thank you for visiting the Northwest Dry Eye Center blog.  This space will be updated periodically to bring you new information about dry eye diagnosis, treatment, research, new products, and anything else pertinent to dry eye patients.  Like all aspects of medicine, dry eye care is changing rapidly.  It is my promise to you to keep up on new findings and present them with care.

The Northwest Dry Eye Center philosophy is this:

  1. Diagnosis comes before treatment.  Like all other aspects of medical care, treatment is randomly effective if it is not aimed in a clear and meaningful direction.  We will not “shotgun” treatment with the hope that it works.
  2. Training doctors and engaging in partnership with patients is the best way to enhance dry eye care both globally and locally.
  3. Research can be conducted both on large and small scales to confirm the efficacy of treatments.

Please keep watching this space to get new information.  I will share my thoughts and post your thoughts.  I will not post any information that is not worth reading.  And I will not hide nuggets of good information in long stream-of-thought diatribes.

Feel free to contact me with any thoughts.  I wish you good health.

-P. Jensen