For Patients


We frequently conduct research for the FDA approval of drugs and devices.  This gives our patients a chance to get new treatments as early as possible.  Safey is the top priority of drug trials.  Please call if you are interested in participating.  425.495.9344.

What to Expect at Northwest Dry Eye Center

The key to Dr. Jensen’s success in treating the toughest cases of dry eye disease is getting the diagnosis right.  He will spend the time to listen to you and carefully examine your eyes in order to determine exactly why your eyes are dry.  Once that is accomplished, he will work with you to develop a treatment plan customized for you.

Your First Appointment

A detailed history sheet should have already been sent to you before your first appointment,  Please bring it, filled out, along with any eye drops or other eye medications that you have used.  A list of any medications that you take along with a detailed medical history are also important to bring.  You will be asked specific questions regarding your dry eye symptoms and treatments, including chronology, effectiveness, and ease of use.

If possible, please do not use any eye drops within two hours of your appointment, or use ointments the night before.  Swimming, saunas, and the like are also discouraged on the day of your appointment.

2 thoughts on “For Patients

  1. Hi, I’m a 60 years old female that has been dealing with chronic dry eyes for about 10 years.Any and all symptom that anyone can mention I got it..I’ve been told is superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis ,another Dr. said he only sees kerato, I had use Restasis with no results, otc ointments,gel drops,liquid drops,Dr prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate 50mg ,also had 4 tears plug inserted in my eye lids,, but nothing I mean nothing has help. My question: Do think I could be a good candidate for lipiflow? I am from Camden,N.J.


    • Hi Carmen,
      Please pardon the lateness of this reply. My dry eye skills are better than my website development skills.
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      I have very strong feelings about the diagnosis of SLK. My opinion is that the finding of SLK is simply a sign of Lid Wiper Epitheliopathy. That is, an inflammation of the inside of the eyelid, primarily just behind the lid margin. Those with SLK (and LWE by proxy) do very well with 4-6 weeks of bandage contact lens such as Dailies Total One or as a second choice, Trueye.

      It is typical that LWE is non-responsive to all of the treatments that you listed. It is possible that LipiFlow, or repeating a formerly ineffective treatment will help you, but not until you have treated the LWE first.

      I hope that this helps!
      I can be reached at:


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